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Tax Notice Resolution


Get one of those pesky letters from the IRS and not sure what it means or how to respond?  We can help with that!


Some of the top advantages of hiring a professional to help with this:

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  • ​Experience – Tax notices are often computer generated and very confusing, which is why so many people ignore them.  They can even contain mistakes and taxpayers pay balances out of fear when they shouldn't.  Let us help you understand the notice and develop an action plan.  We are credentialed, experienced and excited about helping you resolve your tax notice!​

  • Affordability – Fees start at just $250 for tax notice resolution. Contact Us for a FREE (and FAST) quote!​

  • Virtual – Have your notice resolved by a professional from the comfort of your home. We'll schedule a call or video chat, then you'll upload your documents, and we'll get to work. We've been working with individuals, families and small businesses nationwide, and we'd love to work with you, too!

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