Behavioral Budgeting, Debt Elimination and Wealth Building


Personalized Behavioral Budgeting Program
Bridging the Gap

Many people think trading time for dollars is the best way to accumulate wealth. That mindset will have us working until we pass, and leave us with a mere fraction of what we could have accumulated had we applied more strategic methods.


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We'll help you identify and break down the barriers that are preventing you from getting ahead financially.  When you discover how to seize control of your finances, that momentum and learned best practices will also help you to achieve wealth. This leverage is essential and we strategically address the basics because much like a house, if the foundation isn't strong, it doesn’t take long before the whole structure collapses. 

Our behavioral budgeting clients are individuals who have had trouble establishing a budget, controlling expenses, and those who generally feel overwhelmed by the topic of money. Those who want to break the cycle of lack and create generational wealth are a best fit for this program.


with Personal Finance Expert Suze Orman

What is Behavioral Budgeting?
Everyone is rich, right? This is NOT a trick question. We all know the answer is NO! This game is much deeper than just income and expenses. You must absolutely spend less than what you bring in to achieve wealth, but the behavioral aspects of dealing with money is often the hardest for most people.

Celebrities like MC Hammer, Tori Spelling, Toni Braxton, Nicolas Cage, and Mike Tyson made tons of money and still had their share of financial woes. Their names are just as recognizable as Serena Williams, Daymond John, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Brown, and Mark Zuckerberg, but what's difference?

It’s quite simple actually - it exists within their mindsets.  Some people exhibit the “living for the moment” mentality and others make strides for the future. The point is this: it is not at all about the amount of money you have - it's about the mindset in which you choose to function.

When working together, our goal is to create a strategy that addresses your finances, your desired lifestyle, and the habits that have prevented you from being successful with money in the past.

We take a proactive approach to managing and eliminating debt before it's too late, and work with you to determine the causes of financial mismanagement, at the source, so that you can be successful over time.

What’s Included?
Welcome back to school - you have homework before your first day of class! This will include taking time to think about and formulate the goals you want to reach by the end of the program and all the various components of your current financial situation. We'll provide a worksheet for this critical assignment, and ask you to turn it in before we meet, so that we can both be prepared and maximize our time together.

Each program is personalized to address your specific needs and interests. Together we'll focus on your unique financial problems areas, and I'll be your accountability partner, your coach, an enforcer or a gentle guide - whatever you need to be successful!

Our programs are flexible. You won't be bound by strict rules that aren’t sustainable long term, and you get to keep SOME of your wants.  Not willing to get rid of your professional hairstyles?  We'll work together to find the balance between keeping your priorities straight while living a great life - because that's what it's all about!


Getting Started Worksheet

  • income and expense tracking

  • debt balances and interest rates

  • spending habits and lifestyle

  • short and long-term goal setting

  • ... and more!

Financial Topics

  • implementing and following a budget

  • designing a strategy for eliminating debt

  • repairing and monitoring your credit

  • building short and long term savings

  • creating wealth

  • ... and more!


Behavioral Topics

  • banishing destructive mindsets

  • engaging in healthy social relationships

  • breaking through emotional barriers that prevent you from moving forward in your journey

  • systems and success strategies

  • ... and more!

Why Should I Sign Up?
If you are still struggling to see the value that we provide, ask yourself this question - what will it cost me not to?

Peace of Mind

  • A sound financial plan is like insurance; we should all be prepared for emergencies and unexpected expenses


Generational Cycles

  • We all want better for our children and our families. We have to learn what is not taught in schools, so we can model good financial habits and teach those who we lead by example



  • Aren’t you worth the investment in yourself? Don't you deserve to live your best life? Let's prepare and plan to go beyond meeting our basic needs to living in abundance


The fact of the matter is this - if you do what you’ve always done, your results will be what they’ve always been. I hope to support your financial wellness journey and I'm looking forward to seeing you succeed!